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Proofread it. Do it again!

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Earlier this week a major home improvement store chain here in the US launched a new advertising campaign. My roommate works at that store so I asked him what the slogan was supposed to mean. He said he had no clue, the same poster was on the break room wall and the employees all stared at it and tried to figure out where the thread was leading. Turns out, it was heading to nowhere. Two days after the Internet debut of the ad, it was changed. Clearly, the ad writer used his or her spell-checker. What was apparently not done, was a does-this-make-sense check. So many times in our typing, we either miss a letter (as in the case of this ad), or insert a completely wrong word. Then we hit the little ‘abc’ button, the pop-up congratulates us on no spelling errors and we’re done. Why does it seem like too much trouble to have another person read over our work and double-check it ourselves? Is it laziness or pure apathy? Fortunately for this store, the misspelled word only produced a non-sensical phrase and not something so awful as to haunt them for ad campaigns to come. When you write something to put out to the public, it pays to proofread it again, even after the spell-checker assures you that there is nothing wrong. The time you spend there may save time and embarrassment later after the whole world has seen the error.


Author: The Editor Afloat

The Editor Afloat provides proofreading and editing services for the written word. The name comes from the NCIS designation for a Special Agent assigned to a vessel, "Agent Afloat". I live on-board and work from my boat. That makes me an Editor Afloat!

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