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Mother’s Day Stats

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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere and you don’t know that Mother’s Day is Sunday, you’ve just been warned. The day started as a holiday in West Virginia in 1910 and spread to the US Congress by 1914. The ‘founder’, Anna Jarvis was so disenchanted with the commercialization of her holiday that by the end of her own life, she was fighting hard to repeal the official designation of the day. Didn’t work. Today, Mother’s Day will generate $671 million on the sale of 140 million greeting cards. A total of $14.6 billion (yup, that’s a “B”) will be spent on the day in general, with $1.9 billion in flower sales.

Roses for Mama

Roses for Mama, photo by Gina Hansen Coulibaly

69% of all gifts bought for Mom will be flowers and almost 27,000 jewelry stores will place special orders for Mother’s Day sales.

A poll taken of mothers to see what they would like to receive for their ‘day’, reveals something a little different from what they get. 36% responded with ‘something homemade’, dinner was in the number 2 spot at 35%, while flowers came in at 5th with just 23% of Moms wishing for a floral gift. And guys – stay away from the electronics store – only 3% of Moms want something on this list.

Approximately one-fourth of all flower sales annually occur for this one occasion, it is the 3rd largest greeting card day behind only Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It ranks second in gift giving after Christmas and some 80 million adults (about 1/3 of the US population) will be dining out on Sunday. 34% will go for lunch, another 30% for brunch but only 5.5% will be heading out to dinner. Just so you know…

48% of people claim to be FACEBOOK ‘friends’ with their mom. There are even lists of Mother’s Day songs that you can play for her. Does anybody besides me remember the Country Classic by C.W. McCall, “Roses for Mama”? Good, it still makes me bawl. Thanks to statisticbrain, creditdonkey, and about flowers for the info on Mom’s Day.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you Moms out there!


Author: The Editor Afloat

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One thought on “Mother’s Day Stats

  1. I learn something new everyday. I never knew the orig. of Mother’s Day. It is just a tad bit commercialized, isn’t it?

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