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I Want ( a poem and an answer)

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I want to know what makes you tick,
What makes you giggle, squeal and kick.
I want to know what makes you smile,
Is it natural, or for you a trial?

I want to learn to make you laugh,
It warms my heart, you don’t know the half.
I want to keep you by my side,
Are you for real, or have you lied?

I want to try to win your heart,
Be together forever and never part.
I want you to know I love you so,
Please hold me tight, don’t let go.

I want all this and your friendship too;
Just tell me what do I need to do?

By Karen Olin ©2011

My dear friend, Jeff Weiner (a published poet) wrote this answer…

Your heart and soul make my heart tick
infusing the Love we share,
Each day with you gives my life a kick
seeing how dearly you care.

Reality was just a dream
until you appeared to make it true,
The biggest truth that I have learned
is how much I LOVE YOU.

Now I dream of each next day
that we will spend together,
Every one better than the last
continuing on forever.

By Jeff Weiner ©2011

Jeff’s book, Poems of Life can be found at Amazon.com


Author: The Editor Afloat

The Editor Afloat provides proofreading and editing services for the written word. The name comes from the NCIS designation for a Special Agent assigned to a vessel, "Agent Afloat". I live on-board and work from my boat. That makes me an Editor Afloat!

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