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Mass Appeal

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We all know how much the advent of the Internet has changed how the world does business, connects with family and friends, goes shopping, entertains itself and a myriad of other things. It has also changed how we work in many cases and certainly how we search for employment. There are dozens of online employment agencies as well as classified listings, government positions, and job openings listed on many company Web sites. Once you have decided what it is that you want to do or perhaps where you wish to work, you must follow their hiring process. Typically, this involves filling out an application and often you are encouraged to attach a résumé to your file. Depending on the length of your employment career overall, your résumé may be more of an overview while you rely on the application itself for specifics. In any case, most employment coaches suggest that you tailor the focus of your résumé to match the industry or position for which you are applying. Which leads me to the question of mass marketing yourself. What about the job agencies that have you post your résumé on their site, then push the ‘submit’ button to send your info out to thousands of potential employers at a time? How do you target any one specialty if you are attempting to appeal to masses of employers? Are hiring managers who read through these submissions really able to see what they need? Consider these questions, think about your approach and then decide what may work best for you.


Author: The Editor Afloat

The Editor Afloat provides proofreading and editing services for the written word. The name comes from the NCIS designation for a Special Agent assigned to a vessel, "Agent Afloat". I live on-board and work from my boat. That makes me an Editor Afloat!

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