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Words are Fun

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Shel Silverstein has long been one of my favorite purveyor of words. He was a cartoonist starting out in the 1950s and also wrote many song lyrics. My favorite work was the 1974 poem collection, Where the Sidewalk Ends. I loved that book right from the title. I was such a country gal and felt my life pretty much began where the city sidewalk ended. Silverstein had his own style and for his children’s books, that mostly meant a whole lot of fun, sometimes nonsensical, always whimsical. I was kept away from “such books” as a kid but by the time I hit adulthood, I had developed a sharp sense of humor, favoring puns and one-liners. When I first read Silverstein, I knew I’d found a mastermind of silly. If you haven’t done so in awhile, spend some time Where the Sidewalk Ends, guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Here’s a joke for you, not one of Silverstein’s, but one that makes fun with words anyway. Enjoy!

“Once upon a time there was a farmer who married a pretty young lady. A couple of years later, his bride gave birth to twins. They were elated and named the boys Pete and Repeat. Two years went by and she gave birth once again, this time to twin girls. The couple named these babies, Joyce and (you guessed it) Rejoice. The following spring their prize goat had quadruplets. They named the kids, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and George. They didn’t want no Mo’.”


Author: The Editor Afloat

The Editor Afloat provides proofreading and editing services for the written word. The name comes from the NCIS designation for a Special Agent assigned to a vessel, "Agent Afloat". I live on-board and work from my boat. That makes me an Editor Afloat!

One thought on “Words are Fun

  1. The Giving Tree…it gets me every single time I read it. I end up with a knot in my throat by the last page. I do love Shel Silverstein but…I would love an alternate ending…one where the boy doesn’t chop him down. =)

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