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Butterfly Beauty

Taking it easy on this Sunday evening. This puzzle is from a photo my friend Jan took. She raises butterflies from cocoons. So cool!

Click on the link to solve the jigsaw puzzle. Jan’s Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s the original photo:


Garden Beauty (copyright: Janice Tharp)


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Takin’ it Easy

Sanibel seashells

Click on the link to solve this jigsaw puzzle!

Another rainy day in Portland but still a pleasant morning. Heading off to church, then to ride my horse. Thought I’d leave you with a jigsaw puzzle to while away the hours. This one is not as easy as it looks, but worth the effort. When I was in Florida a couple of years ago, some dear friends from the St. Petersburg area took my friend and I out to Sanibel Beach. What a delight! Seashells everywhere. Here in this puzzle is the essence of my collection. Enjoy!

Shells Jigsaw Puzzle

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A Simple Love

One of the things my mother shared with us kids was a love of jigsaw puzzles. I can remember almost always having a puzzle-in-progress in our house when I was growing up and it’s something I would still do today if I didn’t live on a yacht where surface space was at such a premium. Maybe someday when the restoration work is over, when this place isn’t a constant construction zone, maybe then, I’ll figure out a way to have a puzzle table. For now, I have found the most wonderful Web site, Jigzone, where I may work jigsaw puzzles online. Not only do they have an awesome selection of stock puzzles but you may load your own photos as well. The fun doesn’t stop there either, Jigzone offers 35 different “cuts” for varying puzzle challenges. This is great fun. Be warned though, it is addicting!

Follow the link here to solve a pretty country scene – with a boat in it, of course!
Boat by Garden Jigsaw Puzzle