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Lead Character

As I was reading through the news releases about the tragic Texas and Oklahoma storms, I ran across an inspirational photo that someone had posted. It was cute – a little dachshund wearing a helmet and a superhero cape, standing on the top of a shopping cart so he could look over the fence. It was the caption, however, that grabbed my attention. It read, “I am the lead character in my own story.” I wrote it down and within a few days a this poem had formed.

Leading Role

I am the lead character in my own story,
When the credits roll, to whom will I give the glory?
I play a starring role on my life’s big screen.
When the curtain falls, who will be the hero in my final scene?

As I live day-to-day in my own reality show,
Just like Hollywood, it’s all in who you know.
I must pick and choose who will be the author of my play.
I want a number one show, worth tuning into at the end of the day.

So I struggle to be writer, producer, director – all in one.
But something is missing, it’s not good enough, when all is said and done.
I grow so weary, when will I stop to recall
That the One who came before, He wrote it all.

But God’s story isn’t popular with the crowd,
Lord, give me strength to fight, stand my own ground.
In all my acting let the world see Your love shine through,
Let me play the leading role especially for You.

God wants us all as co-stars in the world’s greatest love story
And to remember in everything to give Him all the glory.
I do not wish to wait until the final credits roll,
So, please Lord, direct my every act until Your face I behold.

Karen Olin ©2013


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Lovers and Lies

I thought he was such a nice guy,
Tell me why did he have to lie?
We laughed and shared so much,
I melted at his every touch.

As I drove across the lonely miles,
Thinking of him brought me smiles.
So why is it that she is here?
Why is she calling him “Dear”?

I was true, I never did stray,
What just happened here today?
My heart is blinded by the tears,
I wanted a friend for the years.

To some Love is just a game,
I played, so I am to blame.
Still I guess I cannot see
Why he’d do this to me?

TheEditorAfloat (Karen Olin) © 2013

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Words are Fun

Shel Silverstein has long been one of my favorite purveyor of words. He was a cartoonist starting out in the 1950s and also wrote many song lyrics. My favorite work was the 1974 poem collection, Where the Sidewalk Ends. I loved that book right from the title. I was such a country gal and felt my life pretty much began where the city sidewalk ended. Silverstein had his own style and for his children’s books, that mostly meant a whole lot of fun, sometimes nonsensical, always whimsical. I was kept away from “such books” as a kid but by the time I hit adulthood, I had developed a sharp sense of humor, favoring puns and one-liners. When I first read Silverstein, I knew I’d found a mastermind of silly. If you haven’t done so in awhile, spend some time Where the Sidewalk Ends, guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Here’s a joke for you, not one of Silverstein’s, but one that makes fun with words anyway. Enjoy!

“Once upon a time there was a farmer who married a pretty young lady. A couple of years later, his bride gave birth to twins. They were elated and named the boys Pete and Repeat. Two years went by and she gave birth once again, this time to twin girls. The couple named these babies, Joyce and (you guessed it) Rejoice. The following spring their prize goat had quadruplets. They named the kids, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and George. They didn’t want no Mo’.”

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I Want ( a poem and an answer)

I want to know what makes you tick,
What makes you giggle, squeal and kick.
I want to know what makes you smile,
Is it natural, or for you a trial?

I want to learn to make you laugh,
It warms my heart, you don’t know the half.
I want to keep you by my side,
Are you for real, or have you lied?

I want to try to win your heart,
Be together forever and never part.
I want you to know I love you so,
Please hold me tight, don’t let go.

I want all this and your friendship too;
Just tell me what do I need to do?

By Karen Olin ©2011

My dear friend, Jeff Weiner (a published poet) wrote this answer…

Your heart and soul make my heart tick
infusing the Love we share,
Each day with you gives my life a kick
seeing how dearly you care.

Reality was just a dream
until you appeared to make it true,
The biggest truth that I have learned
is how much I LOVE YOU.

Now I dream of each next day
that we will spend together,
Every one better than the last
continuing on forever.

By Jeff Weiner ©2011

Jeff’s book, Poems of Life can be found at Amazon.com

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Lonely and Lost

I love the warm sunshine,
I love the budding Spring.
I love the gentle rain
and all that it will bring.

The signs of fresh, new life
all around me I see.
Flower buds and horse colts –
Nature waking from sleep.

When the sun shines on me,
its warmth I cannot feel.
I’m outside looking in,
my heart, cold as blue steel.

I’m trapped by this sadness,
pushed from every side.
Hounded to my limit,
’til panic fills my sight.

When will I find my rest,
be rescued from this plight?
I am drowning, alone –
Who will be my white knight?

I’m wanting to enjoy
the glory in these days.
Where’s my sovereign Lord,
His love said to amaze?

I can’t see my future –
Will You forgive my wrong?
And bring me back to You,
let me know I belong?

I’m scared and I am tired,
please hear my plea, I pray.
Cold winds swirl in my heart,
yearning for warmth today.

My weak soul may have strayed,
but don’t let anger kill.
Let me renew my faith
and always do Your will.

Karen Olin ©2013

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Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

They flirted and smiled when they met,
Always together, their stage was set.
Seems they forgot the beginning of love,
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

He’d shave twice, take another shower,
She’d wear something fun, look like a flower.
They can’t be bothered now to dress for love,
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

She knew she’d love him through the years,
He’d hold her tight, wipe her tears.
Now there’s no emotion in their love.
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

He used to say things so nice,
Slew dragons, bugs and mice.
He no longer defends their love.
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

They were so proud when the babies came.
Worked hard for a home, money and a name.
Somehow they forgot to feed the fire of love.
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

They always went out with smiling faces.
Their money took them all the right places.
No one knew it was a charade for love.
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

She had her clubs and favorite cause,
He won awards, accepted their applause.
But booze and women stole his love,
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

Today the angels came to take one away.
The other alone at the church knelt to pray.
Wondering why they never spoke of their love?
That’s what broken hearts are made of.

by Karen Olin ©2011