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Interview with The Editor Afloat

Kristen Hope Mazzola

Please meet the wonder Karen Olin, aka “The Editor Afloat”.  This wonderful lady did an amazing job editing Crashing Back Down! Please enjoy getting to know her! 🙂

How long have you been editing? It started in 4th grade, believe it or not! I got to help correct spelling
quizzes and essays for the 3rd graders. My mother was also a poet and I would proofread all of her work
before she printed them in her beautiful calligraphy.
Do you just edit novels? And if not, what other services do you offer? I edit everything from one-page
résumés to full-length novels. I do menus, web site content, newsletter articles, short stories, poetry,
and blog entries as well.
How does your pricing work? I charge per page on poems, résumés and web sites. The rest of it is
usually per word with a $10 minimum.
What are you currently working on?

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Current Special!

If you are a first-time author and ready for your final edit, I will do it FREE in exchange for some mentions. All the details can be worked out privately and will depend on what type of work you have written. Contact me here or at editor.afloat@yahoo.com