Editor Afloat

Dedicated to Sticklers everywhere!

Current Projects

This page is what I’m doing currently and a list of my recent projects at a glance. I will try to put up links as much as possible also so you can follow anything that catches your fancy.

Now editing:

  • Anna Ellis – Part 2 of Husbands and Wives. This is a romance/erotica trilogy. If you’ve ever had a bedroom fantasy, you will like following this adventure. Anna is a returning customer, I edited the first part of this series, “Making Friends” which is available on Amazon. Find Anna on Facebook.
  • Lynne TaylorChange Me. I’m about half way through this one. I like the fact that Lynne carries this story along and although I can guess how it may end, she switches things up enough that I may be totally wrong! Lynne is a first-time author and signed up for my “First Time Free for Indie Authors” promotion. I believe we will see more from her in the future. Lynne is also on Facebook.
  • Eliot PaulsenThe Dream Viewer. Now this one is very different! I am actually the ghostwriter for this prophecy novel. New Christian author, Eliot Paulsen, has an amazing idea for combining new (and as yet, not invented) technology with presenting Biblical prophecy. Mr. Paulsen is handling the research, and it is my job to create a story-line in which the characters play out the scenes in his mind. Quite a challenge but it is very exciting to try something new.

Recent edits:

  • S.C. RhyneThe Reporter and the Girl. Another erotica, this one will be released as an e-book in early November. Set in New York City, it’s about surviving the big city life as a couple – the girl meets a reporter – and the story has everything in it as S.C. puts it, except the Superman. You can follow her blog, find her on Facebook and Twitter too.
  • LA RemenickySaving Cassie. This is also a light erotica story, but with a twist: it’s a paranormal romance. Just in case you’re gagging on too many werewolves and vampires – no need to worry here, there’s not a single one to be found in this book. Saving Cassie is available on Amazon, and Ms. Remenicky can be found on Facebook or her blog.
  • Anna Ellis – Part 1 of Husbands and Wives.  As I mentioned above, “Making Friends” is already available on Amazon. This is a short read but full of fun and naughty adventures of the denizens of this very close-knit neighborhood.
  • Kristen Hope MazzolaCrashing Back Down. As a person, Kristen’s enthusiasm for life is contagious and that zeal bubbles over into her writing. An erotica romance, this book covers more than just the bedroom scenes, Kristen also does a good job capturing the everyday drama in a young couples’ life. Release date is November 7th. Kristen writes a blog, is on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

And, finally, here’s a few of my own projects! I read a quote on Dave Ramseys‘ Facebook page the other day that said something about a dream not being a vision until you do something about it. I like that. Voicing my ‘dreams’, or in this case writing them down for the whole blogging world to see, I believe is a good start. So ~ here we go…

  • Random Thoughts that Rhyme – a small collection of my poetry.
  • unnamed – another collection, this time of my short stories about pets I have known.
  • Four Days to Memphis – a story about a lady trucker and a dog that unwittingly gets her embroiled in a major crime ring.
  • Yesterday’s Daughter – continued adventures of the lady trucker. This one has a paranormal twist.
  • unnamed – this is the story of another trucker lady and her unexpected vacation adventure in the big city.
  • The Code Game – this is my newest and OMG! it’s good! I can’t wait to get this one all typed out.

Stay tuned as all these Works in Progress move forward. I will post more links as they become available.


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