Editor Afloat

Dedicated to Sticklers everywhere!


Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon (c.1630 – 1685) said, “Those things which now seem frivolous and slight, will be of serious consequence to you, when they have made you once ridiculous.” That statement stands so true today.

Web Masters – Don’t let your client be the one to find errors on his or her site even if you did not write the copy. Worse yet, don’t let a visitor to your own Web site find errors and pass you by thinking your service isn’t up to par.
Authors – Your script must be edited before the final version is submitted to the publisher. They will neither edit it for you (unless you pay lots extra), nor will they likely consider for publication any copy with errors.
Job Seekers – Did you know that over 60% of hiring managers admit to shredding a résumé or cover letter after the first misspelled word? Don’t ruin your chance at a great job because of an oversight.

Editing for the written word should include but is not limited to, the correction of the following:

  • apostrophes
  • capitalization
  • comma usage and splices
  • grammatical mistakes
  • punctuation and quotation marks
  • run-on sentences
  • sentence fragments and lengths
  • spelling
  • structure and themes
  • subject and verb disagreement
  • tenses
  • typographical errors
Freelance editing services are available for Web site content, novels, poetry, short stories, blogs, menus, and résumés at reasonable prices. I work from home – no need to hire extra personnel, files can be transmitted electronically. For the secretive author, I also offer paper editing and I maintain a strict privacy policy.  Turn-around time is from 24 hours to about a week, depending on word count and complexity of edit.
Prices start at just $10 per page for Web content and $2.25 per page (about 250 words) for novels and stories. Discounts on multiple web pages. I can provide either a straight edit or I can also format your novel if you have already chosen your trim size and other parameters for publication. For your convenience I accept PayPal. Contact me for a price quote.

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